The ChampTruck World Series is the first truck racing championship in the USA which was established based on the model of the FIA Truck Racing Championship.


All series of motorsports are very popular in the USA with many years of history behind those. Year-by-year, thousands of fans are visiting to local racing tracks.


It is the world’s largest truck nation, however they did not have a truck racing championship yet. This is the point where the ChampTruck World Series came into the picture in this year, where 800hp monstrosities built specifically built for this series are competing against each other.


The sporting regulations, point- and classification system make the series for the fans as exciting as possible. One racing weekend is made up by 5-6 rounds. Except the first race (where the classification depends on the qualifying time of the racers), the drivers start the race in reverse order compared to the previous round. So the winner of one of the races will start the next round from the end of the starting grid. This set-up guarantees races with lot of takeovers, fights and tension.


America, Trucks, motorsports and thrill – This combination is fated to success!


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