Rallycross is an arena-like racing, where fans can see the whole race track from a particular point of view of the stand.


The races are sprint-like rounds, where the drivers have to do their best within 4-6 laps, while six cars are competing against each other at the same time on a gravel and asphalt based track. This is a real adrenaline-bomb for drivers and fans as well.


Many types of races are held within a racing weekend, therefore fans can see new cars and new drives in every 5-10 minutes. Actually nobody can get bored with it!


Nowadays, rallycross is the most dinamically improving series, which now has stars in its lineup like Rally World Champion Peter Solberg, F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve, 2-time DTM Champion Mattias Ekström or the famous Gymkhana-star Ken Block.


The first FIA Rallycross WC for SuperCars category was held in 2014. The cars participating in this series have 600hp overall engine performance leading to better velocity than the F1 cars.


The European races of FIA Rallycross World Championship are the parts of the European Championship. The top series of the EC is the Super1600 category with Krisztian Szabo in its lineup. This makes the winning of the Portuguese GP for Krisztian more valuable as it was the first Rallycross EB victory of the history for Hungary.


Team’s webpage: http://vollandracing.de
Series’ webpage: http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com