The Hungarian driver of the FIA World Rallycross Championship was chased by the unlucky 13th place in Norway: after he got he got held up in all Qualifying Races, Krisztián missed the Semi-Finlas by only one position. There due to the changing weather anything could have happened.

Norway hosted a truly unpredictable race weekend as the fifth round of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship. At the rallycross circuit of Hell rainclouds arrived for the Semi-Finals, mixing up the standings and providing an unexpected result. EKS driver. Unfortunately Krisztián Szabó was not among the TOP 12, following the four Qualifying Races he was classified 13th, missing the Semi-Finals by only one position.

photo: Qba Nitka

“In three races out of four I got stuck behind the same guy until the finish as I just couldn’t overtake him. In Q3 our strategy was not the best, which also backed me down, and in Q4 even though I gave all in, I had no chance. The problem was that it is very hard to overtake on this track, basically I was driving behind a slower driver though the whole weekend. One-two tenths of a second impending matters a lot as the finishing positions of the Qualifying Races are decided by tenths. Based on the results of the Free Pracice and the Warm-up I would needed to be sixth-seventh fastest, however I ended up 13th all the time” – said the two-time European Super 1660 Champion on Sunday afternoon. Despite it was hours after Q4, he was still very disappointed.

“I am very sorry for not getting into the Semi-Finals, the 13th place is the worst, I missed it by only one position. Moreover it was a Semi-Final, where suddenly rain started to fall and the whole field got mixed up. Fellow Audi driver, Doran was originally 13th in the Qualifying Classification, then due to someone’s disqualification he got into the Semis. He was also leading the Final for five laps until something broke in his car. I am angry, because literally anything could have happened this weekend. The only thing I can say is that we will draw lessons from this weekend. It must never happen again that I get stuck behind someone and can’t overtake.”

Result of the World RX of Norway: 1. Niclas Grönholm (FIN, Hyundai i20); 2. Kevin Hansen (SWE, Peugeot 208); 3. Janis Baumanis (LVA, Ford Fiesta); 4. Kevin Abbring (NED, Skoda Fabia); 5. Liam Doran (GBR, Audi S1), 6. Anton Marklund (SWE, Renault Megane RS) … 12. Krisztián Szabó (HUN, Audi S1).

Standings of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship after 5 rounds of 10: 1. Timmy Hansen (SWE, Peugeot 208) 107 pts; 2. Kevin Hansen (SWE, Peugeot 208) 106 pts; 3. Andreas Bakkerud (NOR, Audi S1) 92 pts; 4. Janis Baumanis (LVA, Ford Fiesta) 78 pts; … 9. Krisztián Szabó (HUN, Audi S1) 54 pts.

Krisztián’s results: Q1: 13th. Q2: 9th. Q3: 13th. Q4: 13th. INT: 13th.

Next round: Höljes, Sweden, 6-7th July.