Despite that unlike most of his opponents the Hungarian World RX driver hasn’t raced at the British racetrack before, at the end of Saturday Krisz is 4th in the Qualifying Classification and he almost set the fastest lap as well – he missed it only by one thousand of a second.

Most of the 17 drivers of the FIA World Rallycross Championship on this weekend’s entry list has raced at Silverstone, when it was added to the calendar in 2018. One of the exceptions are EKS’ Hungarian driver, Krisztián Szabó, who drove on the legendary Formula 1 venue for the first time on Saturday. For the end of the day he got fully used to the 972m tarmac-gravel layout, and after Q1 and Q2 he is currently 4th.

photo: Qba Nitka

“Free Practice didn’t quite go well, but it never really does, so it was not a surprise for me. I was a bit disappointed because of that, even though the track for me is new but for most of the others it is not. The team performed very well last year, but since the car has changed a lot, for example we got new shock absorbers, so we couldn’t really use the setups from a year ago. We had a good base, but to find all the settings was a bit slow procedure. After Free Practice Q1 also didn’t go well, I finished 7th, which as a result was not good, but I was much behind Bakkerud, who is also driving an Audi. He came 3rd” – began his post-Saturday summary the EKS driver.

“So the day hasn’t started well, but thankfully in Q2 we managed to find the right setup, I also changed somewhat on my driving style, and as a result I almost set the fastest lap of the day. I was topping the list for a while, but at the end someone set a faster lap by one thousand of a second. Looking at the result, it wasn’t much better as I came 6th, but for tomorrow’s Q3 it’s better than 5th place as I can start my race from pole position. In the overall Qualifying Classification I am currently 4th behind the Hansen brothers and Bakkerud, which is good news. Looking back how the day went in the beginning, I am very satisfied how well I got used to everything in the end.’”

Qualifying Classification after 2 qualifying races out of 4 (Dayinsure World RX of Great Britain): 1. Timmy Hansen (SWE, Peugeot 208) 100 pts; 2. Kevin Hansen (SWE, Peugeot 208) 87 pts; 3. Andreas Bakkerud (NOR, Audi S1) 79 pts; 4. Krisztián Szabó (HUN, Audi S1) 75 pts.

 Szabó’s results: Q1: 7th, Q2: 6th