After two Qualifying Races the only Hungarian driver of the FIA World Rallycross Championship is only 15th overnight at Höljes, Sweden, however the race is so close -the 3rd driver is only 4 points ahead- that still anything can happen!

Unexpected twists, tricky weather conditions, unusual standings and crashes – rallycross’ “Magic weekend” kicked off with an eventful Saturday at Höljes, the sixth round of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship. Looking at the overnight standings we can see so small differences between positions that even in rallycross it’s considered extraordinary: after two Qualifying Races two drivers have 69 points, three 68, four 67, two 66, and another pair -among them, Krisztián Szabó- 65. That’s why the two-time European Rallycross Champion EKS driver can still gift his Swedish team with a great result at their home race.

photo: Qba Nitka

“I have mixed feelings. In Q1 I finished 8th, it was a normal race, not really good in lap time, but 8th is not bad as a position. Q2 was however a chaos! There was a big storm before, but the rain stopped just before the start of the races, even the Sun was shining! Therefore the first group had to race on a very wet track, and the second on a still wet one. From the third group’s race the track started to dry very quickly so the fourth and the fifth group raced on an absolutely dry surface.”

“I was in the second group. The Audi is very good in wet conditions, I took the lead after the start. We already had some battles in the first lap, but the big one came in the last one, just after I have done my Joker lap. Through two or three corners I was fighting hard with Raymond and Baciuska. I finished the race 3rd, but I really enjoyed racing with these guys!” – said the driver of the #123 Audi S1 EKS Quattro, who finished Q2 15th in the biggest field of the year (25) and currently stands in the same position overnight.

“The overall 15th place is not that bad as it seems. If we look at the points we can see that the 3rd place driver is only ahead of me by 4 units. So the overnight standings is very tight and an outstanding result could mean many places up in the standings. For Sunday my goal is to finish in the TOP 12, get into the Semi-Finals, where anything can happen!”

Qualifying Classification after 2 qualifying races out of 4 (World RX of Sweden): 1. Andreas Bakkerud (NOR, Audi S1) 82 pts; 2. Anton Marklund (SWE, Renault Megane RS) 71 pts; 3. Kevin Abbring (NED, Skoda Fabia) 69 pts; 4. Kevin Eriksson (SWE, Ford Fiesta) 69 pts; … 15. Krisztián Szabó (HUN, Audi S1) 65 pts.

Krisztián’s results: Q1: 8th. Q2: 15th.